Personal Injury

When an accident occurs:

There is often very serious injuries or even death. If you or your loved ones have experienced a major injury accident, you will be facing major changes in your life. When such accidents occur, you need to act quickly to speak to a San Francisco injury lawyer who not only knows the law but also has a history of obtaining just compensation for victims. Mr. Litton is exactly the lawyer you need to contact. For over 30 years, Marc Litton has prosecuted personal injury cases and has secured great results for clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

No personal injury case is too complicated for Marc Litton to handle. Should you or a loved one be harmed or even killed in an accident, Marc Litton will quickly review the facts, and if he accepts your case, quickly investigate the circumstances, collect the necessary records and start to build your case with an eye on getting you the highest possible recovery allowed by law in the shortest amount of time.

Contingency fees provide incentive

Marc Litton handles all personal injury cases he accepts on a contingency fee basis, allowing him to get going on your case right away without you having to pay any costs or fees up front. When you hire Marc Litton, he will advance the case expenses and work on your case at no cost to you until it is resolved. When your case is resolved, either at trial or through settlement, Marc Litton’s fees and the case expenses are taken from the award. In other words, he collects no fees unless he recovers money for you. This gives Marc Litton every incentive to be efficient and aggressive in order to win your case and secure just compensation to you or your loved ones.

Rapid action makes a big difference:

Call Marc Litton as soon as you can. Your rights are at stake and you may need to take rapid action to avoid losing your rights to seek just compensation. To prepare for your initial consultation with Marc Litton, it is helpful if you can obtain and bring with you any photos of the accident, including pictures of property such as vehicles damaged in the accident, the names and contact information for all victims and witnesses of which you are aware, and any information you have about the people you believe caused the accident. Most importantly, make sure you or your loved ones are promptly seeking all necessary medical attention.

Confidential review:

Every consultation is completely confidential and free of charge. Marc Litton will review your circumstances, tell you if additional information is necessary, provide you with an analysis of your potential claims and tell you how he can help you. Be assured that Marc Litton will be diligent and provide you with the highest professional care. If Marc Litton accepts your case, he will not resolve your matter unless you understand and agree to the proposed settlement. If he cannot secure a settlement without litigation, he will prepare a lawsuit and fight diligently in court to secure your rights to just compensation, including recovery of medical costs, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If your matter involves a wrongful death, he will work diligently to secure everything your family is entitled to receive under the law.